Right and Just Government


Grab a cup of coffee, I want to “splain” something to ya ….let’s begin with this premise…

Control is witchcraft, plain and simple. God does not now, nor has he ever used control to make people follow and serve him. Free will was the core component in the design and creation of the relationship between the created and the creator.

God, who can do whatever he desires and yet ties himself to the word that has gone out of his mouth through his own choice, created man in that image.

We are a “Free Agent” so to speak. Wherever the Spirit of God is, there is Liberty …. conversely wherever he withdraws from becomes a house of bondage and is ultimately governed by fear and control.

The reason you feel something is wrong in our world today; is the invasion of your liberty it represents or the absence of God in its midst. This “feeling” is in all actuality your conscience. It is not a physical organ within the body such as your heart and lungs yet it is much more the champion of liberty than anything else within you. Conscience is the reason the United States exists in the first place.

Allow me to digress…

Man is body, soul, and spirit. God is the same. The Soul of God is his essence; the computer, the operating system, or his thoughts. We call this Father, Jehovah, Elohim… John called this his “Logos,” the mind, word, and plan of God.

In the fullness of time, in his divine plan, and for the purpose of redemption this Logos became Jesus Christ in the womb of Mary. (A body has thou prepared for me) Jesus was the express image of the invisible God…. his sensory perception, and His physical body. Within Him was the Spirit of God without measure, or his fullness so to speak. His death burial and resurrection allowed us access to this holy God where our entire being could be filled with His essence so completely that we become his body, or his expression, to this world. It’s too vast a subject to explain here but the takeaway is this…

You were created after the pattern of the heavenly. God made man in His likeness and his image. That in itself boggles the mind!

Within your body are the five senses: taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell. These five things navigate the physical world.

Your soul is your mind and contains knowledge, understanding, reason, wisdom, and government (your will).

Within your spirit is your conscience, intuition, insight, communion, and ultimately epiphany, which is the manifestation of Divine presence. Epiphany is the portal in which God connects to man. His Holy Spirit grafting itself to our humanity through your spirit. ( think download from the cloud) In this there is throughput… access…and assimilation into the divine nature…. a two-way street so to speak.

….Now back to the moment and subject at hand… which is government. God’s government to be exact. The government which was upon His shoulders. The government of the cross.

All government comes in two forms. External and internal. I would suggest that the plan of God from the beginning was internal government. Decision making, reason, and order, from the interaction of your conscience, mind, and will in cooperation with Divine providence. Body, Soul, and Spirit in complete balance.

Every time we think internal government can be perfected or even represented by external (physical) means we are wrong. This is why we have the New Covenant because the Old could never work. This is why framers of our country fought valiantly to secure the rights of conscience and religious liberty over the rules and regulations of England. We hold these truths to be self-evident… endowed by our Creator… among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… inarguable. Final. The basis of true government. This is why the American form of government has lasted so long. It is also the reason it will ultimately fail.

Laws rules and regulations will never empower the heart and spirit of man to its fullest potential. I would argue that lovers of liberty in their zeal and passion to be free created small and limited government which they themselves declared would only work for a moral populace. By design, they tied the hands of the monster which they fought in the revolutionary war. They placed a balance of power in the likeness of man himself, our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of representative government. Body, Soul, and Spirit. Such is a revelation, an epiphany, a statement of God to the free world. In much the same way the law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, the highly limited and spelled out government the founding fathers envisioned was undeniably fashioned to secure a place where the internal compass would rule the masses.

To the degree we have cast this compass aside, removing God from our White House, Statehouse, Courthouse, and Schoolhouse; then by default are we not left with a house of cards which will not, and cannot be sustained? This oh gentle reader is why our own houses are in such decay.

This is why we have a government of constraint instead of liberty, a house of bondage instead of freedom. External rule instead of internal guidance is the direct result of our rejection of the cross, the love of God, and His divine plan throughout our country. It is the core reason for the breakup of our marriages, and the destruction of the family, that of our country, and the world around us.

One cannot legislate morality with coercion and restraint; it must be cultivated within you. The only power law has is its penalty for noncompliance. That in itself is government by fear. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power, and of a sound mind.

In absence of God’s Spirit can only come tyrannical humanistic control; witchcraft and rebellion to the divine plan. In the absence of God, we created Attila the Hun, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and his thousand-year Reich, Communist Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela.

In the absence of God comes the demise of the American Experiment.

Only internal God-focused repentance and a return to his ways in every facet of our lives will stay the course and save our nation.

Gods government is hinged upon and empowered by these two things:

To love the Lord that God with all your heart soul and strength… and to love your neighbor as yourself. Good government always begins on the front porch, in the town square, in our daily relationships with those around us. It is a manifestation of what is or at least should be within us.

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