When The Money Failed



Since our money came off the gold standard it lost its real value, gleaning its worth only from the public’s confidence in its ability to settle debt.

It’s not worth the paper it is printed on yet we continue accepting it as our wages and spending it like there is no tomorrow.

There is coming a day of reckoning and possibly sooner than later. On that day your money will be worthless, the Government will be your overlord and you will do exactly as you are told.

We never considered the possibility of medical segregation but here we are. The vaxed, bought with the facade of Liberty, having no idea what they just allowed in their bodies and those of us for a myriad of reasons which have decided not to comply.

It may be the beginning of a tracking system, as major corporations begin to enforce the new vaccination policies. My employer Raytheon Technologies axed me for non conformance to covid policies. I don’t lay by my dish very well. So it cost me upwards of 80k a year to write this. Well worth it, I still have my integrity, and a soulless corporation could not rob me of it. (Also still have my human DNA in tact!) They are not alone…. when companies accepted the payroll protection plan money, they agreed to enforce the government’s policies, or else pay back the money. How do you see that working???

I say that to shed light on a pattern of cooperation between business and politics that dates back to the day of WWII and The likes of Henry Ford, Firestone, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan.

The result is our current system called the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve. They are not federally owned subsidiaries of our government, they are the Jewish Bankers which control the currencies of a vast majority of global nations.

Meet the Rothschilds….Money that makes Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg look like paupers. Real money. Old Money. Want to know more?…search out the Khazar’s.

After World War II as the full faith and credit of the German government crashed, they experienced what is called hyperinflation. It took a wheel barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread. There was no perceived value to their paper currency any longer. The same thing happened in Venezuela when its government tumbled. It has happened over and over throughout the world in my lifetime.

The people that really run our world, whether you call them insiders, heads of state, or the Illuminati matters not. The fact is that they exist. For centuries they have been moving money, creating economies, stockpiling gold, bringing one country up & another down all for their personal benefit.

When the mob loans money and someone doesn’t pay they send Guido and Knuckles to sort it all out. In the same way, when a world leader gets out of line, whether it be Saddam Hussain or Donald Trump, they stage elections or if that doesn’t work, send in assassins, missile strikes, armies, and weaponry In order to assure an outcome that is beneficial to their interests.

Such was the case of the Russian Revolution, World War I, and World War II. It had little to do with making the world safe for democracy and more to do with the money trail. After destroying Japan, They made it the manufacturing Mecca of the world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason we were in Iraq was because of the oil, and the reason we are in Afghanistan was because of the drugs. Again if you want to know the truth follow the money.

We have now entered a season of hyperinflation. They held their thumb on the interest rates as long as they could, pressing them into a negative interest called stimulus. In other words, they are paying us to take the money. Our economy is so overstimulated, the prices are through the roof. Everything from groceries, to utilities, to commodities, and incidentals have doubled and even tripled without anyone saying a word.

Car lots have very little inventory, and a new truck is selling for $85,000, houses are on the market for a few days. They start a bidding war that ends at a selling price of 120% of the listing price. Toys like four-wheelers, boats, jetski’s, and motorcycles have gone up thousands of dollars if you can even find one for delivery this year.

The old adage rings true, what goes up must come down…. dot com bubbles burst, housing crisis’ happen, student loan debt, credit card debt careening out of control, and the entire house of cards comes crashing down.

All of this is leading us somewhere, all of this will bring us away from liberty and freedom and closer to totalitarian regimes. If you can’t see that, I can’t help you. Right before our eyes, in broad daylight, it has already begun. No foil hats here, no conspiracy theories…. what we have just been through in the last year was preplanned and predatory. It was intentional. And it was only the beginning. This was a test, had it been a real pandemic, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have decided on a WORLD population of 500 million as being sustainable. What does that mean for the rest of us? Delete 6.5 billion people.

I wish I had a list of steps, things you could do to make it through the next decade. But I don’t. In fact, no one does. Mass shortages, blood in the streets, civil war, aggressive government oppression. Coming soon to a city near you. Christians are going to have to learn to pray and to hear from God. Your guns and bullets won’t stop what’s coming. You can’t possibly store enough to survive long term. Take a look at Canada, it’s coming soon to the USA

About three years ago I stopped in the middle of my Sunday sermon and prophesied of great civil unrest, cities on fire, and blood in the streets. I think they thought I had flipped my lid. Watch out for the kool-aid…. pastors lost it! But I didn’t miss it… we just saw the beginning of it with much more to come! Civil unrest set Minneapolis, and Kenosha on fire. BLM sent in its Sorros funded domestic terrorist in and burned it to the ground. Portland was under siege, taken over by them. An entire election was basked in fraud, the work of insiders. Corrupt men with a definite agenda to destroy the America we grew up in.

I would expect we will wake up one Monday to an entirely new system of digital currency, a new government, and the abolishment of our constitutional rights… won’t surprise me a bit.

The cavalry won’t be coming, our only rescue will be the Cross. We are going to need the Holy Ghost more than we ever have. Christians must begin to walk in the spirit. If my Kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight!

My friends across the western church, I fear our days of ease and worldly living are coming to an end. You have been warned, God help us.

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