Wars and Rumors of Wars…



At least that is what the futurists are saying. So let’s unpack that statement a little bit. First of all, we are not at war with Russia. The drive-by media would like you to think so because it takes your eyes off the Biden administration as they fumble through their day tearing down the America we grew up in!  The only way at this point to make a tyrant look less like a tyrant is to find a greater tyrant upon whom to place the blame. That is what they are doing. We best hope we are not at war with Russia because in that scenario there is no winner. Hence the Cold War.

The Scripture quoted is from Matthew 24. When that Chapter is viewed in its context Jesus Christ was speaking to His disciples.

He said “this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled” meaning the generation he was speaking to. There are something like 26 personal present tense pronouns used like you, your, ye; meaning them.  An Elder handed me a gem of Bible interpretation years ago when He said, “ always remember, the Bible was written for us not to us”

Besides that, futurists slide the 70th week of Daniel down 2020 years and counting to become what they call “ the great tribulation”…. problem is nobody gave them permission to do that, they invite a curse upon them by adding to the word of God and there is no precedent to do so… the 7th day of creation followed the 6th, the 40th day of rain followed the 39th and so on throughout any biblical timeline.

Let’s discuss the end of the world even though the Bible declares it is without end! (Isa 45:17, Eph 3:21) They call it the end times. There are four words in the Greek language translators rendered “world”. Three are used in Mt 24… verse 3…. “the end of the world” (aion) meaning age, verse 14 “preached in all the world” (Okoumenay) meaning Roman Empire, and verse 21, “the beginning of the world” (cosmos) meaning the universe or creation. None of these meant the end of the “ terra firma” or earth.

Jesus said this about his coming, “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.”

Had Jesus meant a far-off generation He would have said “that generation” as both God and Paul did in speaking of the generation in the wilderness.

Interesting enough, Jesus is the only one in the New Testament to use the phrase “this generation”. Go look them up and ask yourself what generation he was talking about.

So either we have 2000+ year-old apostles and disciples …..or the gospel was preached throughout the Roman Empire, (Col 1:6, 23) He came on the day of Pentecost and The Church indeed is His Kingdom, (Act2:1-4) and the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in 70AD was Daniels “abomination of desolation”. (Lu 13:35)

The Bible has nothing to say about an embedded computer chip, graphene oxide, a vax, or a war with Russia in our day, in fact, although it has much to say to us, it has nothing prophetic to say about our day whatsoever… the end times spoken of in the Bible was the closing of the old covenant age of law-keeping, and the opening of the new and everlasting Covenant; His Church, New Jerusalem.

Much of the problems in the interpretation of Scripture stem from us as mortals wanting to make everything physical, not realizing Christ’s Kingdom is spiritual. “These words I speak to you, they are Spirit and they are life…” (John 6:63) “…If my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight.” (John 18:36) “…The kingdom of God cometh not with observation.” (Luke 17:20) “…the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) “The kingdom of God is… …righteousness joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.” (Romans 14:17)

Finally, the Bible is a book of two covenants; old and new. Two women, the bride and the whore. Two destinations, heaven or hell. Two genders male and female. Two Cities, Jerusalem and New Jerusalem, the mother of us all. Two ethnicities Jew and gentile, and two realms, physical and spiritual. (Gen 1:1-4 vs. John 1:1-5) Keeping that all straight is no small task and often accounts for our different theologies and schisms, sects, and beliefs.

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