Oneness with God


It’s been decades since I began ministering as an Apostolic Preacher. I have seen every program, every fad, and every trend come and go…. only lately have I begun to understand something very close to Gods heart concerning His Bride

We are “oneness” in our doctrine. Hear O Israel the Lord our God is One Lord…. I and my father are one…. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism…. and on and on and on.

We understand God to be One, what we misunderstand, is how to become one with Him. Paul uses the model of marriage to teach us about our relationship with God. We are the bride of Christ. There has been a marriage and the underlying truth upon which marriage stands is “these two shall become one flesh”

I have been married for 37 yrs to my wife Heidi. We know each other. Every look, gesture, movement or mood is grasped by the other long before anything is spoken. I know her thoughts, the intents of her heart, her mannerisms… every nuance. Complete familiarity. 37 yrs worth of relationship.

When we receive the Holy Ghost the word says we are made partakes of the divine nature. The middle wall of partition is abolished and our spirit receives His spirit.

This was Jesus’ prayer; that they would be one, as He and the Father were one. Intertwined, commingled, mixed, blended, hence; that which is flesh is flesh, that which is spirit is spirit. Forget the flesh for a moment, what does it mean to be in covenant with God? To have His Spirit joined to yours. Answer that and you will have discovered a oneness we know little about. He said learn of me… my yoke is easy, my burden is light. He said if two of you agree on anything (oneness) it will be done.

Allow me to diverge a moment….
Everything we do is about us. In prayer it’s OUR needs, WE got so much out of that worship service, I enjoyed church so much today, God give ME, Bless ME, Help ME … I, ME, MY….. as I look back all I see is half the equation, God is missing! I believe this to be the reason we are missing God.

A marriage that has no intimacy will fail. When a man hears the word intimate, he immediately thinks physical. On the other hand, when a woman hears the word intimate, she doesn’t think… “she feels”. It’s emotion and connectivity it’s time together, conversation …. it’s oneness.

Point being sir, she only receives intimacy on her terms, it only happens when all of the gates are open and relationship is flowing. That indeed will manifest physically, but not before it is cultivated relationally.

Trust is huge in relationship. Because without trust there is no openness, no shared dreams, ideas or goals. Without the sharing, back and forth, give and take moments in marriage, we are mechanical robots cohabiting but still separate entities. Sharing a home but not a life. When I trust my spouse I open to her, and her to me. We are exposed for who we really are, that inner one we keep so well hidden. Learn to open that door of honest communication and you will catapult you marriage into new dimensions

What are Gods thoughts on intimacy in a relationship. Have you ever sat and just talked to him? How’s your day? I was just thinking about you…. can we talk? We are seated with him in the heavenly…. we are in Christ, and him in us. Oneness. Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any man opens the door, I will commune with Him and Him with me.

“In him we live and breathe and have our being.” As I enter into his space, I enter a limitless realm where all things are possible. I enter a place where natural law is abated. I enter his secret place, (Ps91) … the God Cave if you will.

I begin to know him, for I see him as he is, not as man has explained him to me. We commune, we interact, there is an impartation of holy things …. things of the spirit. I begin to think as he thinks, I begin to see what he sees and value that which he esteems. I am formed, forged, recreated by that relationship to be more than when I entered in. There is now more of him in me, and more of me is in him. We become one.

As time goes on and this oneness grows, my desires change. I want only his will, his ways. As I behold, I become. Truly the eye is the window of the soul. As I experience this elevated intimacy, earthy things grow dim, his Kingdom comes, and we enter in together.

It’s hard to put in words but this takes me somewhere I have never been…. and it’s a very good place to be!

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