The Deception of Dispensationalism


The Bible is not divided into 7 dispensations.. it is made up of two covenants, old and new. The old is the body of Moses, the New is the Body of Christ. The devil contended with the body of Moses, but was vanquished by the body of Christ. (Heb 2:14) Since Paul’s day, adversaries to the atoning work of Christ have been trying to reinstate the old in place of the new. They cannot let go of the physical to grasp the spiritual.

Dispensationalism is a lie, the teaching of men not of Gods word. It began with a man named John Darby. It was furthered by Clarence Larkin, and cemented in the western church by womanizing charlatan named Cyrus Scofield.

There are two women in the Bible, the bride and the harlot, and two sons, the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Three loaves of bread Sarah baked, three measures of meal Jesus leavened…. two loaves given to Saul (which were the house of Israel and the house of Judah.) Jesus himself being the third that came down from heaven; His Church, that He built, the city John saw coming down out of heaven, both Jew and Gentile. He tore down the middle wall of partition making of Twain one new man. God does not have two people groups, only his bride, the church.

So stay with me…. the new covenant replaces the old, new Jerusalem replaces physical Jerusalem, the believer becomes the temple, the 2nd Adam replaces the 1st, the old covenant is physical the new covenant is spiritual, the church replaces Old covenant Israel who rejected Christ. We become Israel ( as a prince hast thou power with God) we not them, are the Sons of God. (Son of a King is a prince) Paul calls us the true Jew and the Israel of God who indeed are the sons of God, lead by the spirit of God having the power of God, Acts 1:8  Just as it says, He has made all things new.

We have as the Church, better things, better blessings, a better hope, a better testament, a better promise, a better sacrifice. An altar they have no place at, better substance, a better country, and a better resurrection, because of a better Mediator, Christ Himself!!! They (Old Covenant Jews) without us are not made perfect. The blood of their altar can never redeem. Their Mana and the bread on their table is replaced by the bread that came down from heaven, their light of the candlestick is replaced by the light of the world, the veil in their temple is replaced by the veil of his flesh. Over and over and over, the new replaces the old everywhere we turn, yet it is dismissed as “replacement theology” as if that’s a bad thing?

Jesus said of their great temple, not one stone shall be left upon another…. yet upon “this rock”the revelation of Christ, he would build a new and everlasting kingdom, called out and separate, holy and chosen…. the Church of the living God! 

His first time through the temple he called it MY HOUSE…. but in the end He said YOUR HOUSE is left unto YOU desolate. (Dan 9:27) 

Regardless of what men say this is what the Bible teaches. A new and everlasting covenant in His Blood. The old covenant stretched from its inception to the 70 AD destruction of the temple. The New covenant began with the birth of Christ and stretches forward into eternity. The overlapping segment of time is what Jesus termed “this generation” in Mt 24:34. His church is never going away, the earth abideth forever, world without end. 

The church is the apple of his eye and his plan from the beginning. The Faithful, spotless, blood washed bride of Christ. If a natural Jew is ever to be saved today, they must come through the door, forsaking the old and embracing the new.

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