Who really built the Ark?


Noah did not build the ark with only his family. There were a lot of people that came over the years, believed his message, and came along side to help. It gonna rain pastor, you are absolutely right! They had to learn, it was Gopher wood only, pitched inside and out, built the way Noah wanted it, the way God told him. By and by hard times came, persecution and trials, one by one they became offended and left. “The man is deceived, says the neighbor, you are a fool to get involved in that. They think they are the only ones that are gonna be saved, 8 people!” Can’t you hear the mockers?

Those that came grew weary in well doing, got their eyes off the boat and onto the problems building it brought. Dispute’s, Gossip, Accusations… eventuually they all left. Not bad people, good people just robbed of their vision. In the end, they no longer believed in rain. You cant blame them, maybe some stayed 50 or 60 years! The ones that left 119 years later died in the flood. There stood the ark, the one they helped to build, with the door wide open and Satan laughing his fool head off… mission accomplished, divide and conquer! God made Noah look like a fool right up until it started to rain. He was a legalistic cult leader right up till it started to rain. He grew old, feeble, maybe dementia was taking its toll… right up till it started to rain.

Anybody that has ever gone into a city with a bible and a burden to build a church understands what I just said. It tore Noahs heart out when his best friends walked away. Their kids grew up with his. Eventually, in self preservation, he kept his distance from people. Pastored them from an arms length. Almost as though he knew when they came they probably wouldnt stay… few there be, narrow is the way.

What about the preachers wife? What about Mrs Noah? She’s not the one that preached the message last Saturday but she evermore dealt with the fallout… who do you think kept Noah encouraged, who ministered to Noah? Who stood as a buffer between the wrath of God and wayward people. Who’s compassion and intuitive advice helped Noah get back to boat building after delivering an unsolicited message on righteousness? Who made sure Noah understood she believed in him? We don’t even know her name!!!

Mrs. Noah and her daughter in laws processed the food, stored up the grains, made the ark livable, did the best they could… God didn’t call them, He didn’t speak to them…. But Mrs Noah stuck by her man. Those ladies steped out in faith, and did the best they could do. They had questions, Im sure… who wouldn’t? But they were both feet in and not going anywhere.

Noah didn’t blame anybody that left, probably had some days he thought about it himself. As a pastor with 3 decades in the pulpit, countless troubles, and hardships… I can promise you the only reason that boat got done was Mrs Noah… 2nd teir behind the scenes ministry no one but her husband saw and appreciated. A meek and quiet godly example in an hour ruled by Jezebel and Feminism.

You may have thought you knew where I was going here … but you may have been mistaken.

I’m a start up guy, always have been. I’m headstrong and determined to finish what I begin. Sometimes abrasive, a little rough around the edges. Been hurt, runover and left for dead more times than I like to remember. It takes a long time to work through it, 120 years or so. Time goes by, your heart heals, and you get back after it. The work itself is your medicine.

Enter Cedar Hill, a place of sabbath, a place of peace… a place where God can speak to people. Home to a first Century church. 130 acres of Faith, Friends and Family. Acts 2:38 Apostolic to its core. My dream! My vision… the reason my heart beats the reason my lungs draw breath, and I stand here on this earth. 12 years of my life and counting of boots on the ground making it happen. A safety net for the children falling through the cracks. A place of restoration and redemption…. Surrounded by Jesus. Its gonna happen, or I will die trying, but I can say without a doubt, the only reason will be the grace of God and this beautiful and godly woman I do life with for the last 40 years. She has been and continues to be so much more than I deserve. I love you Mrs Noah, thanks for everything you have gifted me with by your presence in my life.♥️

To all those who came, I am deeply grateful, and to all those that left, I understand.

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