The Spirit of the Wolf


Had a dream about a Wolf last week. It was one of those dreams where like Jacob, you wake up and realize God was in this place. The wolf was tracking me, but a river was between us and it couldnt get to me. At the same time my Son had a vision concerning a demonic wolf at the boundaries of his property. The wolf could not come past the boundary of his property, but it projected fear and intimidation into my sons spirit, which he quickly rebuked.

In the next few days I noted several graphic memes of a wolf, full of fear, accusation and intimidation. I preached about the “Spirit of the Wolf” Sunday, and thought I would share some of the interpretation of my dream with you.

Wherever you see Native American imagery, you can be sure of two things… you are dealing with deeply spiritual things, but from the view and position of the wolf… someone said, when the wolf tells the story its always the shepherds fault.

Indian legends and traditions incorporate the wolf into their worship, their dance. They will skin it and place the head over themselves as a headress and let the body drape down their back. (Headship and covering.) Often times people toy with these things and have no idea what they are getting into.

You have probably seen hollywoods pow-wows depicting such a scene. They become one with the wolf, or the spirit of the wolf and what it represents. Thats why they do it, its part of their liturgy. Native American rituals are thick with witchcraft and pantheism. They draw their spiritual prowlness and their revelation from this stuff. Its heavily demonic, but very real, and very appealing to the carnal mind of man.

The wolf is a predator it moves nocturnally…. in the shadows, on the edge, hidden. It hates light. (Doctrine) It seperates itself, it tracks and stalks its victims…. someone just shared with me of a wolf’s insatiable desire for blood. Its out to kill, it plays for keeps… but there are boundaries. I think that is the biggest take away here. In order to kill you the wolf must first seperate you out.

The demonic spirit of the wolf will project its mission and desire into your mind through your conscience, the door of your spirit.

This projection, this spiritual stalking, produces in you feelings of fear, intimidation, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness, a need to run, panic, immense aloneliness …. it will try to single you out, drive you away from the herd. if you have felt that lately, you may be dealing with the Spirit of a Wolf. There is a predator pursuing you. Beware!

Those who deal with these things call it “getting tagged” by a spirit. Seldom will a wolf get a healthy elk or deer. Its the ones on the fringe, the weak, the sickly that fall prey to the wolves fangs. The wolf has to seperate them out to have dinner.

People get busy, seen it happen a 100 times, been through it myself. Not intentionally, but you let down your guard. Less prayer, little study, no fasting, missing church… pretty soon you are attacked, wounded, hurt… and the blood draws the Wolf.

Any Pastor with experience can tell you when someone is on the edge, when they are falling away. First thing that stops is their giving. Then their involvement. Then they are offended, Then their attendance…. They loose their spot in the herd and wander away out of the sight of the shepherd. It’s so subtle of a process when its over, they no longer have a love for the truth. Jesus said “The Wolf Cometh!”

The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead. (Prvb 21:16) You want to keep as much distance between you and the wolf as possible, dont live on the edge, get up close to the fire.

The wolf will not approach the fire. “The fire shall be ever burning upon the altar, it shall never go out.” (Lev 6:13) Stay on fire for God. Fan the flames. Get up close, stay by the altar. Stick with your Pastor! Never leave your wingman. You need a watchman on the wall. Walk in the light. The Wolf Cometh!!!

All across the Christianity, churches are dying, congregations have aged and have been unsuccessful in winning the youth. Their children are gone, and the buildings go up for sale. The Wolf Cometh!!!

Marriages are splintering, Families are in the throws of divorce, domestic violence is at an all time high. The wolf cometh!!!

80% of young christian students will renounce their faith by graduation from our universities. Our schools are infecting the minds of our youth with godless lbgtqrs+- insanity! Drag Queens and Harry Potter are in, Jesus and the Bible are out. They have stolen an entire generation and now that generation votes…. And we wonder what happened in 2020… The Wolf cometh!!!

Doctrine is on the auction block, and truth is fallen in the streets… Pastors quitting, walking away, giving up…The Wolf Cometh!!!

Isaiah spoke of a day they would call good, evil… and evil, good… he said hell would expand itself and open its mouth. The fangs of the wolf are all around us. He cried….”Watchman… What of the night?”

Two things about the spirit of the wolf…

1.). The hireling pastors see it coming and run.
2.) The sheep are Scattered

My Friend, this stuff is very real and very dangerous. It is kill or be killed… that spirit has to be slain in your life. God has not given us a spirit or fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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  1. Ed Gein
    03 Jan 2023 21:21:25 Reply

    Right on the money Pastor Joe!

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