Wars and Rumors of Wars….


Remember the high school bully? Sure ya do. He used intimidation, fear and his tough reputation to rule the lunchroom, parking lot, playground or bus. Once in a while a much weaker or smaller opponent would put him in his place.

It will not be Putin who goes nuclear, it will be Zelensky. It will not be Iran that nukes Israel. Netanyahu will pull the trigger. If there is to be a nuclear exchange it will come from the underdog.

But you say they don’t have the capacity! Well, then we will see who is really operating this war machine won’t we??? Wars have been started throughout modern history by mega corporations like Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Northrop-Grumann. As a great commentator said, “If you want to know the truth, follow the money… Without war, these companies go bankrupt. Warmongering politicians who stuff their coffers with kickbacks in the millions build bullet proof caucuses in Washington to feed this machine.

Wars are perpetuated by the state controlled media. If we have learned anything in the last several years, the nightly news is a bought and paid for spin cycle for whatever the government is doing. Nothing new… Communist aggression in Vietnam, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… every war we have fought or funded was run by a small group of decision makers… central bankers, world financier’s, corporate boards, and corrupt politicians. Without exception, war is great for the economy, particularly when you can do it by extension and keep it off the local landscape.

5th generation warfare comes with hi tech intervention, and full social media support. Our greatest threat may well be the information they feed us and the programming of the populace. it’s a war for our minds which eventually will cede control of our lives to the elites. When lies become truth and evil becomes good, we have already lost the most important battle.

The Bible asks “Where does war come from?… Is it not something deep inside of us?” Since the day Jesus warned us of wars and rumors of wars we have never been free from it. It has ravaged every generation, with little exception because the battle is internal. Everything begins in the heart of man. God gave us dominion in our world and the right to choose our own paths. We have chosen poorly since that day, and seemingly continue to do so.

Why do we war with the one we love? Why is divorce so prevalent? Why do we war against the children? Why does abuse raise its ugly head? Why do we war against morality? How can sex trafficking rise to normalcy? Explain how Pedophiles rule the world and Epstein Island becomes a vacation destination? Why do we war against our creator? How does sin gain a foothold? When it comes down to it, why do we war against ourselves, and become our own worst enemy?

Hell is laughing today as the seeds it has sown tears apart our families, churches, and nations. Washington knows well, if they keep us entertained and comfortable, we will never put an end to their shenanigans. Devils understand, if they can divert our attention, they can have full control in our lives. The most dangerous weapon out there today may well be distraction. There has never been a time where it is absolutely imperative we regain our focus.

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